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Poolking Ltd. was founded in Hungary in 2011. The founders, who themselves are actively involved in the company's operational work, have more than 20 years experience in the swimming pool technique as well as in production of chemical and wellness products. The mid term goal of the owners is, to become the leading trading company on the Hungarian swimming pool market.

The company has two premises and a private pool owners, All users of the public the widest range of products offers. The distribution of products supported by numerous resellers. The nationwide network expansion to other partners are welcome.

Poolking Ltd. is a member of the Hungarian Baths Association Since March. 2013 ..



Outdoor pools are not suitable overwintered greatly affect both the pool structure, both mechanical life, may cause serious damage:.

Toucan Net Line 250ml

Tisztelt Vásárlónk! A Toucan Net Line 250 ml -es zsíroldó tisztító krém forgalmazását kémiai biztonsági okból beszüntettük. ( a termék kupakja nem gyermekbiztos zárású ) Amennyiben Ön vásárolt ilyen terméket, azt üzleteinkben teljes áron visszavásároljuk. Köszönjük szíves megértésüket!


A Toucan termékek megkönnyítik a medence takarítását. A mágikus szivaccsal letisztítható a vízvonal vegyszer használata nélkül, a Water Lili magába gyűjti a víz felszínén úszó olajos, zsíros szennyeződéseket.

Spring start-up pool

How to prepare for the summer? Read our clothes hook!

THE SPA- POOL AND WATER discoloration

Stored in the spa pools- and swimming waters are often formed of various hues. They are largely independent of, that the water is treated with chemicals or not.


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WEDA uszodai porszívók termékválasztékunkban

Swimming Pool Chemicals

The Pool King in Germany Bayrol Chemische Fabrik GmbH largest importer and distributor of domestic


A kis- and wholesale sales, we are out of the following services to our clients:

  • Pool Cleaning, Spring Commissioning
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • Pool Winterization
  • Maintenance Chemical Feed Systems, periodic inspection
  • Engineering construction works
  • Szerviztevékenység
  • Guidance


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1138 Budapest, Váci út 177.
Phone: (1) 788 1212, (1) 788 1213
Opening Hours: H – CS: 8 – 16:30 , P: 8 – 15:30
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Üzlet ( Teljes áruválaszték )
1174 Budapest, Orgoványi u.4.
Tel.: +36703204401, +36703204402
Opening Hours: H – P: 9:00 – 17:00-ig.

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Üzlet (korlátozott áruválaszték)

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1095 Budapest,
Soroksári út 48.
Hungária Malomudvar
10. épület. fszt:18.
Tel./fax: (1) 210 5020
Opening Hours:
H – CS: 9:00 – 17:00 , P 9:00 – 16:30

ELKÖLTÖZTÜNK! Új címünk: 1174 Bp., Orgoványi u. 4.