Spring start-up pool

Spring is removed from the pool and in the winter blanket retaining water bags. Should be removed from the water bodies freeze, must make up the pool water to the proper level. Be equipped with parts removed in the fall to, must be equipped with a mechanical engineering. Need to check the filter status of the quartz sand, if loose, porous, you just have to disinfect Filtershock tablets, If the limestone unloading starting to, should be replaced, or be a limestone unloading concentration released from the cartridge filter Decalcit chemical. Finally, the chemicals to be dispensed from the initial dose of. If the medencénkbe perhaps been some contamination, or very elvízkövesedtek the pool walls, it is essential to Replacing the total water volume. If the water layer is not removed in time stony, later we will have great work, and not sure, it will be who will take, we recommend it although it is much. Not to mention, the scaled parts algásodnak a predilection, Then during the season you can not remove a vacuum cleaner. The limescale Decalcit Becken fluid can be removed.