Outdoor pools are not suitable overwintered greatly affect both the pool structure, both mechanical life, may cause serious damage:. In particular, concrete construction and tiled pools must be large
care given to the winterization.

1. The pool structure

Winterization of the pool structure is necessary to distinguish two :

  • Below ground level are usually reinforced concrete structures, Basin or structure reinforced plastic material;
  • Located above ground level pool structure ( usually metal coated plastic film )

Pools below ground level structure

The pool is surrounded by land until winter 80 – 100 cm deep freeze. This soil covers, and pressure on the pool wall. The saturated water pool better resistance to pressure, thereby reducing the likelihood of any structural damage. In places, spring where the water table is relatively strong increase, the water pressure at the bottom of the pool ( any of the sites is ). The water-filled basin offset by the negative impact of the groundwater pressure.

Pools above ground level structure

The plastic coated metal structure and pools after the loading of the water film becomes smooth due to the uniform pressure. After lowering the water potential of the film away from your structure and roughness ( waves, etc.. ) formed,
which may adversely affect the frost. The basin is drained frozen foil tough, brittle and brittle.

2. Damage to the lining inside the pool

A drained pool enclosure can be damaged when the next :

a ceramic tile gap between the pool area and the elements ( Joints ) kifagyhat glue or cement-based material, because the volume of material remaining water droplets freeze to increase ;
a foil-covered basins of the film life is significantly reduced, infiltration of water into the pores of the film as it bubbles freeze, and damage the structure. The direct UV light radiation results in discoloration of the film ;
structure similar to the plastic pools adverse events may occur as a foil-covered pools ;
a paint protection film pools of plastic paint crazing infiltration of water into the pores or bubbles freeze, and damage the paint. Direct UV radiation in the light of the paint discoloration.

3. Protect against damage to the pavement structure, and

The pool structure and the best casing can be defended on, If the pool of water in winter not lowered. The water surface around. 10 – 20 cm thick can freeze. The pool inside the walls of the so-called pressure. Frost bodies can handle it. These plastic
was weighted containers 30 cm depth immersed in water, thus potentially resulting ice entire cross section of the pressure is taken up. Frost bodies just need to insert some parts of the basin. ( In rectangular basins the two perpendicular side walls, the perimeter of the pool oval pools in half, etc.. )

A BAYROL PURIPOOL pool water chemicals may be preserved, so no need to replace the water next season. The chemical prevents fouling of the water, and preserved for disinfection in swimming pool. The PURIPOOL prevents the calcium-derived materials ( scale ) deposition is. The PURIPOOL is to be administered according to the instructions.
The PURIPOOL can bathe in water-glycol-treated.

The water-filled pool surface can be covered with plastic sheeting special winter, that perfectly closes the pool.
If the pool is not covered in winter, PURIPOOL is also possible to freeze the bodies used. At the start of spring bathing season, the surface must be cleaned of contaminants generated during winter ( Letters, etc.. ). The water is filtered and disinfected thoroughly.

The spa water according to the instructions provided in the first vegyszeradaggal disinfection should be treated.

4. Protection against mechanical damage to the pool of

Quartz sand-filled filters installed in the machine room or pit

  • Pot of cream skimming ( szkimmeres ) pools to keep the water level below the bottom edge of the skimmers. The cream skimming vessels (szkimmereket) necessary to drain and dry out.
  • The infinity pool area and the water level should be set, to keep water out of the trough. The trough should be covered, rain water or snow away from the inside. The plug must be blocked drains. In these basins to filter the water back into the pool and laid on the ground (usually PVC ) pipeline flows. Given the inevitable layer of soil freezing ( about. 60 – 80 cm below the ground level ) of leadership ( eg. Skimmers ), the piping system must be protected against freezing separation. Placed in the pool wall blowers pipe system from the pool can be closed with plugs, in Engineering and drained. The floor drain can not be drained.

Diffusers located at the bottom of the pool on some models can be closed. The pipe system is approximately. 100 cm beneath the ground surface parts do not have to be drained, and not be confined to the deeply placed in the ductwork fenékbefúvókat.

The removable filters

The removable pool (usually paper, or foam ) filtration system should be highlighted and drained. The plugs should be cleaned and dried. Beneath the surface of the water pipes must not be drained.